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FAQs and Rental Policies at House of Rental


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Party Rentals

Equipment will be reserved only upon receipt of non-refundable minimum deposit of $25. Some seasonal items may require a larger non-refundable deposit. Quotes do not guarantee availability of rental equipment.

Tented Event Rentals

Equipment will be reserved only upon receipt of a valid credit card, the signed rental contract or your email confirmation, and a 1/3 nonrefundable deposit. Quotes do not guarantee availability of rental equipment.


The customer must provide House of Rental with a final count 3 days prior to delivery of the equipment at which time a final invoice with the balance due will be provided. Full payment is due the day before delivery. No orders will be scheduled for delivery until full payment is received. An order is considered complete 3 days prior to scheduled delivery. A $25 surcharge will be added to your account each time a completed order is changed.


Party Rentals

  • No changes to orders accepted within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Special order items and services are subject to a 100% cancellation fee once the order has been placed.

Tented Event Rentals

In the event you would need to cancel your tent, the following rules apply:

  • 72 Hours prior to the scheduled delivery date: 50% Refund/Credit
  • 48 Hours prior to the scheduled delivery date: 35% Refund/Credit
  • 24 Hours prior to the scheduled delivery date: 25% Refund/Credit
  • On arrival at delivery location: 20% Refund/Credit
  • Special order items and services are subject to a 100% cancellation fee once the order has been placed.


  • 72 Hours prior to the scheduled delivery date: Rental Rate + 20% Upcharge
  • 48 Hours prior to the scheduled delivery date: Rental Rate + 25% Upcharge
  • 24 Hours prior to the scheduled delivery date: Rental Rate + 30% Upcharge
  • On delivery date: Rental Rate + 50% Upcharge


Delivery and pickup rates are based on the time and location of your event. Delivery is made to closest point our trucks can park. Extra charges will result in deliveries that require personnel to use stairs, elevators, or where extra time is involved. Our service does not include setup and takedown of tables and chairs. If this service is required, arrangements should be made several days prior to delivery and a special charge will be quoted. If tables and chairs are not broken down at the time of pickup, they will be left until the next day when a special crew can be scheduled. A fee for takedown will be charged if the rental items are not prepared for pickup.


The customer is responsible for all equipment from the time of delivery or will call until it has been returned to House of Rental. This includes the loss, theft, or damage of equipment beyond normal wear and tear. The customer is also responsible for verifying an accurate count of rental items received and returned. If any rental items are damaged, missing or require more than standard cleaning, the customer will be responsible for the full replacement cost or additional cleaning charge.


A damage waiver is available. The damage waiver covers reasonable, accidental damage to the equipment. It is optional and non-refundable.

Special Note for Tented Events

The damage waiver is not available on tents and tent accessories (e.g. lighting, liners, etc.) Any damage done to tents and tent accessories (e.g. cooking within 20’ of tent, placing decorations on the tent top or sidewalls, etc.) is the responsibility of the customer and repair or replacement charges will be incurred.


Building and fire permits are required by the State of Illinois. House of Rental can file for all permits and provide necessary equipment such as fire extinguishers, exit signs, etc. There will be an additional fee for this service.


a) The event site is not ready or accessible when the crew arrives
b) The rented equipment is not ready for prearranged pickup
c) Delivery or pickup is from any location other than ground level (upstairs or downstairs)
d) All chairs and tables are not stacked and bagged at time of pickup (same as when delivered)
e) Food service items are not rinsed free of food
f) All additional equipment (stoves, grills, ovens, etc.) is left dirty
g) Customer requires delivery or pickup before or after normal business hours
h) Tents or canopies are damaged, bent, broken, or have been soiled by cooking under or within 20’ of the tents
i) Access to the event site is further than previously discussed and agreed upon
j) Site requires custom tent installations (i.e. on asphalt, decks, there are immovable obstructions, etc.)


All chairs and tables should be stacked the same as when delivered. All dishes, glassware, and cooking equipment should be returned to proper rack or container and assembled at a single location for pickup. Dishes, glasses, and flatware must be well rinsed and free of food and particles. Stoves, ovens, and grills must be returned clean to receive your cleaning deposit refund. Linens should also be shaken out, free of food and particles, and put in the laundry bags provided. Linens that are returned with burns, holes, tears, or are permanently stained will be billed at replacement cost.


a) Allow Time! Please set up and familiarize yourself with our AV equipment before your event. If you are unsure how to use the equipment and would like to see a demonstration, please call us to make an appointment. We test the equipment before and after each rental.
b) Fragile: Please take extra care when transporting audio visual equipment to avoid damage or failure.
c) Water and Electronics – Not Good! Do not expose AV equipment to extreme weather conditions or moisture. Charges may apply to equipment damaged by the elements.
d) Volume and Distortion: A blown speaker is considered to be abuse and is not covered by the Damage Waiver.


Customer may retain the services of a House of Rental employee during an event to monitor specialized equipment or assist during a severe weather forecast. Additional charges will apply.



Be sure all equipment is returned according to TERMS AND CONDITIONS of your rental contract. The customer is solely responsible for any additional charges incurred as a result of failure to meet these conditions. All collection fees, attorney fees, court costs, or any expense involved in the collection of rental charges will be the customer’s responsibility. The customer must read and agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the rental contract and acknowledge receipt of sale.



Please be sure your site is ready (e.g. lawns mowed, trees trimmed, insect fogging, snow shoveled, ice removed, all animal waste removed, vehicles out of the way, etc.) before House of Rental personnel arrive. Schedule your lawn maintenance (e.g. mowing, fertilizing, etc.) the week prior to the date of installation to eliminate conflicts if House of Rental has to move the date of installation and with the utility location company’s markings.

Utility Location

House of Rental will call a utility location company (J.U.L.I.E. or DIGGER) to identify and mark public underground utilities with flags and paint (e.g. telephone, cable, water, cable, gas, electric lines, etc.). There is no charge for this service. They will not identify or mark facilities installed by the customer such as sprinkler or septic systems, electric dog fences, gas, electric, cable, or telephone lines. The customer must accurately mark these facilities or other conditions that may interfere with the ability to stake and/or anchor equipment. House of Rental assumes no responsibility for damage or repair done to unmarked or inaccurately marked private facilities. The customer may be liable for injuries sustained by House of Rental personnel as a result of striking unmarked or inaccurately marked facilities.

Securing Tents

Tents are designed to be secured using stakes and concrete anchors or blocks. Customer accepts full responsibility, and shall indemnify, defend and hold House of Rental harmless, from and against any claims, damage to property, or injury to persons resulting from customer requesting any tent be installed and secured in any other manner. House of Rental is not responsible for repairing asphalt or concrete surfaces damaged in connection with the normal installation process.

Location/Setup of Tents

Customer agrees:
a) prior to the time House of Rental personnel arrive for installation, to clearly mark the exact location of the tent and have the installation area cleared;
b) to have a representative present at the time tent is installed
c) to have the contents of the tent, other than rental items being picked up by House of Rental, cleared out before the date the tent is to be taken down.

In order to install or take down a tent, House of Rental must have clear, unobstructed space that is larger than the tent by at least 10 feet on each side of the tent. Customer shall be responsible for additional charges for any delay incurred or additional labor required resulting from customer’s failure to prepare the installation site in accordance with these specifications or House of Rental being required to relocate any tent which was installed according to customer’s original instructions.

Decorating Tents/Cooking Near Tents

Signs or banners shall not be affixed to the tent top or walls and may be hung only from the "D" rings or wall rope on the side valance of the tent, or from ropes strung between tent poles. Do not use tape on tent tops or sides. Customer shall not allow cooking, fire, or any combustible materials under or within 20’ of the tent.


Tents are temporary structures and will not withstand strong wind, rain, lightning, or other conditions. A tent installed in a safe manner may become unsafe due to such conditions. Customer is responsible for monitoring weather and other conditions, especially wind, and bears all responsibility for the safety of persons and property and the decision whether or not to evacuate the tent and tent areas.

Customer is responsible for developing an evacuation plan for tents and customer should ensure their on-site personnel are thoroughly familiar with tent evacuation procedures. In the event of a predicted or actual extreme weather event, House of Rental may decline to install or may dismantle any equipment for the safety of House of Rental and customer personnel, event attendees, and others. House of Rental is not responsible for any damage caused or injuries sustained by severe weather conditions or other factors beyond our control. Click here to see the Statement of Best Practices of Emergency Evacuation Planning for Tented Events by the American Rental Association.


We may need to move up the installation date of the tent and/or delay the takedown date of tent to accommodate severe weather forecasts, scheduling logistics, complexity of event, etc. We will notify the customer if this becomes necessary.